Call for Photographers: “A Photo from Oz” International Exhibit

Exciting International Photographic Exhibition Opportunity!

Established and emerging photographers are invited for submission of their works to be featured in a new concept exhibition: “A Photo from Oz”!

An international exhibit, “A Photo from Oz” is purposely designed for a Romanian audience and it will be on display in Bucharest (Romania, East Europe), in December 2013.

Works are selected based on their ability to send a message about Australia (metaphorical or literal!) to an audience who lacks the knowledge but it’s eager to earn it. Also, photographic works that can inspire, intrigue and ecourage the viewers to begin their own quests as travellers, but also as artists, are much appreciated!

Send a photo from Oz to the Romanians! Send them some love!

Deadline of Submissions: 30 November 2013.

Electronic and print submissions are welcomed. Depending on the type of submission and artist’s preferences, photographs will be displayed both as prints and electronic projections.

Contact: For any enquiries and submission of works,

please contact: Crisia Miroiu @

Keep an eye on our blog for updates!


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